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Sad news

Vlassis Rassias07/07/2019, in his sixtieth year of life he left us the Head of the Supreme Council of Greek Ethnic Religion (Council of Ethnic Hellenes, YSEE (founded in 1997)) Vlassis Rassias.

In 1998, in Vilnius, Vlassis Rassias represented the Council at the First World Congress of Ethnic Religions (since 2010 - European Congress). The "Gentile pagans' Supreme Council " joined this organization, which was also joined by two representatives of Slavic paganism with their communities (Velimir Speransky, "Kolyada Vyatichey", Vadim Kazakov, Union of Slavic communities of the Slav Native Faith) .

The devotion to the pagan movement earned him the respect and love of all those who knew him. The luminous memories of a man who honestly and with dignity lived his life, leaving behind the fruits of his good deeds, will always be stronger than death.

May Gods receive him into beyond.


Vlassis Rassias Vlassis Rassias